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Been a while....

Jan. 28th, 2006 | 09:09 pm
mood: mischievousmischievous
music: Marshall Tucker Band - Take a load off Annie

So life is life... nothing more and nothing less. Right now living day by day on my tips and stashing the rest of my check from mancino's to the bank. The only person keeping me sane is the lovely Helena. I just wanted to get this out there, I wanted to thank everyone who came and visited me (Jason in paticular). Anyone can stop bye, I will never mind. I guess I am the only person still in Michigan that still has a Live Jouranl. But fuck myspace and face book, I will never use those piece of shit website, that is until I get a digital camera, and then I will take nude pix and post them and send the good ones to Jason and Ryan D. for further examination. On a good note, I officially temporarly quit smoking drugs. I know I have said that before in early journals but now I am getting my shit together and going to take the rest of this semester serious, for my parents, for Helena, and most important my future. Can't wait till this weekend... Party it dep.

I love my baby.... and sometimes butterfly

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Drew is the best... around nija

Nov. 17th, 2005 | 03:48 pm
mood: boredbored
music: Method Man- Judgement Day

So it has been quite a while since I wrote in this piece of shit. So I will update you on my life in East Lansing. First off finally got a job and shit workin at Mancino's... it's a pizza and grinders(grinders are subs but cut down the middle not just one side) restaurant. It is fuck'n sweet my boss is the shit, and everyone who works there is a toker. So I just fit right in. Oh yeah I lost my motherfucking cell phone AGAIN!!! So if you have been trying to getting a hold of me lately don't take it personlly if I don't answer your calls. Jason and Ryan where the f' are you guys, don't ever come and visit me anymore. But thats my life right there in a nutshell. Fuck'n nothing but working and when I don't work I sit around and do nothing. I wish someone would come save me from this b.s. life style.
I guess all I can say is:
"fuck it & Smoke drugs" Peace my Nija

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East Lansing is the shit!!!

Sep. 14th, 2005 | 03:26 pm
mood: enthralled
music: The Roots - seed 2.0

So I finally got an apartment in East Lansing, right now everything is go good in my life. In fact I would say perfect. I have girlfriend who I love and she loves me and we get to see as much of each other as we want. On another note in August, I went to the Rolling Stones concert and it was hands down the best concert ever!!! And I am not just saying that bc I love the Stones... It was really the best performance in concert I have ever seen, And I think I have seen some good concerts. But Jagger was rocking out so hard, he was up there sing and dancing for an hour and half non-stop. No doubt in my mind that the Stones are the best rock band ever. For the 230 dollars I spent it was worth every penny, and I was skeptical at first bc Mick Jagger is like 60 years old but put on the best performance, and if I knew it was going to be that good I would have paid at least double. I feel he is the number 1 frontman now. Oh and Joey Harrington sat 2 rows right behind me. Yeah I had better seats then the lions quarterback. And there was a guy right next to us who smoked with Helena and myself the entire time. I wish I had something to do tonight, like party, but I have to do homework and no cash... I need a job bad.

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Waterford can suck my balls

Aug. 5th, 2005 | 02:39 am
mood: excitedexcited
music: Led Zeppelin - Misty Mountain Top

So today I signed up for my Lansing community college classes, and as many of you know and those few of you that don't I am moving out to Lansing. So hopefully one day I will get into State, that is my dream/goal. I am still looking for an apartment in a decent location though. I got my eye on a couple right now. I am so pumped up, and I can't wait to get the H out of waterford. Other then that nothing really has been going on, besides hang'n w/ my kick ass girlfriend. Which reminds me that yesterday was are 2 month, and what a wonderful two months it has been. I am so happy our relationship does not have to end when she goes off to State. That is the biggest plus of all when I move up to Lansing. I believe Helena and myself are really good for each other; she keeps me on tract, and I party a lot less now, so I can finally get my shit together. Helena is the most understanding, positive, encouraging, and supportive person in my life right now and I absolutely love her for it. If not for her, I would probably still going occ and not giving a fuck if I pass or fail. But now for once I have goals and I really really think I can achieve all of them. Thanks to Helena. By the way, when I do get an apartment feel free to drop by when ever.

I <3 Helena

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Olive concerts

Jul. 13th, 2005 | 10:37 am
mood: crazycrazy
music: Ted Nugent - Strangle Hold

So I got back from Florida a couple weeks ago. It was fun but I wish someone would have went with me. Then when I got back and my best buddy Jason leaves for Hawaii. Lucky mother fucker. Went to a couple of graduation parties, but Helena and I always feel awkward and leave after a half hour and go back to my house. The reason I leave so fast is a cross between feeling to old to be there (I know thats weird b/c I am only a grade older, but I feel like the 30 year old at a high school party); I start feeling like a loser / always being fucking blown out at every party... That and talking to parents is not a good combination. Yeah so the last two concerts I went to, I was sober. But the concerts were still kick ass. First Robert Plant, he was phenomenal. And for me to say that is pretty good, bc last year as many of you know I disliked Led Zeppelin. Just bc I was so hung up on the Stones (undoubtedly the greatest band ever), and people (myself included) always arguing between the two of whom was a better band and that made me despise Zeppelin, just bc a lot people would rather jam to Zeppelin then my favorite band "The Stones" man; I just never gave Led Zeppelin the time of day. But then a girl (Helena) came in my life, and she open my eyes and ears. And I found my undying love for Zeppelin... and Helena. I do now realize who the best band is now and that’s mother f'n Terrible Ted (Ted Nugent). Oh The other concert I went was CCR, there always good and one of my all time favorite classic rock bands. I miss Helena... she at orientation at MSU. Which reminds me, I am getting a apartment in East Lansing after the summer, instead of joining the army. So if you don't like it sucky sucky suck my balls. Olive Helena

Fun Fact: I have had four differnt cell phones in one year two of which I broke in june so f u c k - y o u just kidding laugh out loud (sadly not about my phones). catch ya on the flip side

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my f'd up life

Jun. 14th, 2005 | 02:33 pm
mood: Fuck'n stressed out
music: Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love

So for my birthday, well the day before my b-day I went to Helena's cousin grad party. That was kinda cool, but we were there for only like an 2 hours. afterwords hung out w/ cool Will (Helena's kick ass uncle). Went to a gay bar, and thats not the worst part. Us three went to some random parking lot drank, police showed up and I received another f'n MIP, I can't afford this shit but what can you do. But on a good note that was the first official night that Helena and I decided to be together/my girlfriend, so that made up for the gay bar and MIP. Oh by the way I am 20 now, so one more miserable year until the big 21. I have done nothing w/ my summer so far, but one concert and go on Jason's boat. Which I can't complain about Jason's boat, bc I have such a good time on the water or lake. Really jason's boat has been the highlight of my summer so far, oh besides Helena, Jason, and Tom toking everyday and beers. love beers. Going to Florida this saturday, but I am going to have a bash before so call me if your looking for something to do. My parents are leaving thursday, a couple days before me not a good idea for them, but whateva. Party on

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Rolling Stone bitches

May. 23rd, 2005 | 11:36 am
mood: satisfiedsatisfied
music: Rolling Stones - Satisfaction

So the other day I bought Helena and myself tickets (ticket price = $110 for one mother f'n ticket... but mother f'n worth every penny) for the mother fucking Rolling Stones concert. I am so pumped for the concert, I absolutely love the Stones man. If anyone else is going then they should let me know. I need to find some kind of party I am going crazy, all I do now is go over my buddy Ryans house and toke, but now that is getting f'n lame (not really I would rather do it somewhere else though ya'll mean). Anyone who reads has to call me and find a party for me to go to. Oh yeah scratch that last part I broke my cell phone again. Eddie Money is coming up, I don't really like his music, but I like getting wasted; thats why I am going.


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Apr. 19th, 2005 | 11:57 am
mood: highhigh
music: Ludacris - Blueberry yum yum

420 is coming up that means we need to stop drop and roll... Anyone is welcome to hang out w/ me on wensday. Lets get high nigga.

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Update on my life

Apr. 8th, 2005 | 11:05 am
mood: crazycrazy
music: The Who - my generation

Well first I went to a Wedding and then a reception (w/ an open bar dude) I thought I was a champ getting everything and drinking it fast, not a good idea. I ended up throwing up on myself in front of everyone. My Grandma died and my cousin's g/f died as well. On a lighter note I tried shrooms and had a f'n blast, if you have not tried them I suggest picking up a bag today and trip. I decided to go in the army the other day, don't try to talk me out of this for my mind is already made up. I really have nothing to stay for, and I need structure in my life, so thats two of the many reason I am going. Oh and I stop smoking pot, so don't tempt me into smoking w/ you.

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MSU F'n rules

Feb. 16th, 2005 | 01:39 am
mood: drunkdrunk
music: Beatles - hide your love away

Last weekend was a mother f'n blast. Well friday Jason and I went northwest to State ninja. That night we did nothing but drink in the dorms, and J and I smoked some weed. which reminds me that I bought a ounce, and got half way threw and and lost the other half. Don't ask bc I have no idea where it went. But Saturday was f'n great, first off I Drank from 3pm - 4am and I was f'n shit faced. I chilled w/ alot ppl that I have not seen in a while such as Lauren, Martin, Jimmy J, Erin, Ant, and Der rock. We split up later in the night and Jim, Derek, Anthony, and myself went to a party w/ a total of like 25 girls and none of which I would touched unless I drank a keg, but the party was still kinda fun. I got to drink for free. But the party wasn't the best part, walking w/ my totally wasted friend (Jim), who is yelling "You fucking bitches!... I will kill... you fucking bitches!" repeating it all the way until we got back to the dorm. Which cracked all of us up, but almost got us into a fight. Then after that I asked Derek maybe we should calm Jim down or we might get in trouble w/ the cops. Dereks response "don't worry we're fine, BECAUSE NO ONE CAN STOP ME, NOT EVEN GOD!". Then Jim puked in a very sexual way. We finally got back to the dorm and everyone is passing out, besides Lauren and I we're champs and drank the night away. Anyways later Kyle E comes up w/ a mountain bike and throws it out the window. The funniest thing all night though, had to be when Jim Kick Laurens friend Chelsey out of her bed so that he did not have to lay on the floor, When I asked him what he was doing, he Just yelled back "Yeah I know, I'ma asshole". Later when Martin came in the dorm w/ a mattress, for that girl; when she was laying on her bed next to Jim, he tried to trade her the original bed she was laying on (which is smaller and less comfortable). All I have to say is Jim's the man. Valentines sucked it was the first time on Valentines I had not had a girl friend since like seventh grade which put me in a great mood all day. Instead I spent it w/ My boys Guy and Front Flip Ryan. I'm Arnold!

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